With COMPETENCEENTHUSIASMTRUST we offer sustainable solutions and prospects.

Personnel means personal.

At Goodworx, we prioritize people above all. Driven by this core belief, we equally value and support every applicant, potential employer, and the team that the applicant will be joining.

Authentic – Personal – Sustainable

Why Goodworx?

Goodworx for Businesses
  • More than 40 years of HR & recruiting experience
  • Specialized in skilled professionals & specialists in direct placement
  • Highly compatible and driven candidates for labour leasing assignments
  • More than 150 satisfied clients
  • Extensive experience in supporting exceptional HR projects
Goodworx Team
Goodworx Büro Eingang
Goodworx for Applicants
  • You are our top priority
  • Complimentary, precision-matched, and swift job placement into direct hire or labour leasing positions
  • Opportunities for newcomers, lateral entrants, and those re-entering the workforce
  • Discreet and supportive guidance for individuals transitioning between jobs
  • High conversion rate: 75% of our labor leasing positions lead to permanent employment
  • Exclusively long-term assignments with potential for permanent employment

Personnel means personal.

This is Goodworx.

In 2010, based on the firm conviction that traditional labor leasing is more than just a means to an end for temporary personnel on call, I laid the foundation for the Goodworx GmbH.

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The name Goodworx Personalmanagement reflects my commitment to exceptionally high service standards. "Competence, Enthusiasm, and Trust" are not mere hollow slogans; they are the pillars of our everyday operations. I firmly believe that the success of Goodworx GmbH hinges on the satisfaction and well-being of both our employees and our clients.

At Goodworx, we ensure that every interaction, be it with a business client or an applicant, is based on mutual respect and equality. Our support and collaboration are guided by a deep commitment to understanding each company's unique industry, job roles, requirements, and current challenges right from the outset.

Over the last decade, Goodworx GmbH has significantly evolved and diversified its product portfolio. While traditional labor leasing remains a key service, we have expanded our focus to meet the evolving needs of applicants and companies. Our core strengths now lie in recruitment, onboarding, and providing strategic HR project support throughout various key industries. Central to all our services is a commitment to understanding and fulfilling the unique aspirations, needs, and expectations of individuals. Recognizing that everyone has their own vision of their ideal work environment and professional relationships, Goodworx ensures personalized attention to each client. We believe that successful HR management is built on strong, personal relationships, and hence, we emphasize the importance of face-to-face meetings to establish a solid foundation for these partnerships.

Sabine Kellner
Founder/ Management

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