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... when making a decision is not supposed to be dreadful!

Goodworx Recruiting provides you with professional support in your search for suitable permanent personnel. In a qualified selection process, we filter out the best applicants. We are also happy to take over an existing application process in your company and include our applicant and employee data in the search. Every step towards a new employee is thoroughly thought through by us and carried out with our years of experience in recruitment. We only present you with candidates who are an exact match with the required profile. Additionally, should there be the desire to do so, we can conduct an Insights-Analysis with candidates from the narrower applicant circle.

The choice is yours.

Either directly hire the suitable candidate at the outset — or use a trial and hire phase within the framework of labour leasing. After a nine-month period of assignment, you will have been convinced of the employee's performance. After this time, the takeover is free of charge in any case, and you can permanently integrate the employee into your company.
For particularly qualified and rare groups of applicants, we recommend instantiating a special incentive with (Goodworx Equal Pay).

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