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Do you currently have a vacant position without an approved headcount that has not yet been filled? There can be various reasons for this situation. Perhaps necessary approvals are pending, or the return of an employee remains uncertain for the foreseeable future.

Why not consider combining the advantages of labor leasing and recruitment services?

With our Temp-to-Perm solution, we blend our proven recruitment expertise with traditional labor leasing for a predetermined period. The aim is to transition to direct employment in the temporary position. We define any costs associated with the recruitment service upfront.

During this phase, you won't lose time in training and integrating your new employee into the workplace. Moreover, this approach reduces the risk of losing a suitable employee to another competing business. Once the headcount is approved, you can promptly proceed with a direct hire.

In this model, we recommend incentivizing from day one of the lease with 'Goodworx Equal Pay.' This ensures that the candidate feels like a valued and equal member of your business right from the beginning.

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