With COMPETENCEENTHUSIASMTRUST we offer sustainable solutions and prospects.

Personnel means personal.

This is what Applicants can expect from us.

Right from our initial meeting, it will become evident to you that you are the sole focus of our attention. We prioritize understanding your objectives and aligning them with your job expectations, skills, and knowledge. Your personal aspirations are also of the utmost importance to us, ensuring a holistic approach to your career journey. We dedicate time to collaborate closely with you, crafting a tailored course of action that aligns with your unique needs and ambitions.

AI or Human?

During the initial phase, you will leverage our sophisticated Matching-Capabilities to swiftly identify potential job opportunities, that align with your profile. Once you spot an appealing position, our Goodworx team steps in.

We will reach out to schedule a in-person interview where we delve into your skills, aspirations, needs, and personality. This meeting is not just about us getting to know you – it is also about introducing you to your potential new employer and helping you seamlessly integrate into your new team. Through engaging dialogue, we will discover common ground and collaboratively determine if the position truly aligns with your career goals.

The experienced and empathetic Goodworx team will be there to support both you and your potential new employer throughout this journey.

Our aim is to forge the perfect, long-lasting, and sustainable match – all achieved through human insight, without having to rely on AI.

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When is Gooworx a fit for you?
  • You do not want to be judged and curated by a computer?
  • You do not want to have to fill out an application form just to then be left without a job offer?
  • You want to introduce yourself in an in-person conversation?
  • You value the fact that people take interest in you and your particular situation?
  • You want appreciative communication on equal footing?
  • You expect your counterpart to have professional experience in your field?
  • You are looking for long-term employment in which your commitment is appreciated and rewarded?

Then Goodworx and your prospective employers are the perfect match for you!
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sabine Kellner & Erich Girnuweit von der Goodworx GmbH

Where do you see your professional future?

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The plastics industry is an important employer and produces products that meet the challenges of current megatrends.


Are you looking for a job where the chemistry is just right?


Do you enjoy working with metal? Are you looking for new professional challenges and genuine job opportunities?


The automotive industry is a sector primarily dedicated to the mass production of automobiles and other motor vehicles.


The industry needs you: Start your career as a warehouse specialist or a professional in warehouse logistics.


We maintain long-standing relationships with numerous esteemed companies in both the crafts and industrial sectors.


Germany is one of the leading export nations for food. More than 70% of the food produced in Germany is produced for people all over the world.


Do you value quality craftsmanship and enjoy working with ultra-modern, partly computer-controlled machines?