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Are you seeking a job that demands not just endurance and muscle strength, but also logical thinking, creativity, and tact? Do you enjoy working with natural materials such as wood? Do you have a passion for creating things with your own hands?

We would be delighted to personally support you on your way to your dream job. Benefit from our many years of industry knowledge and our outstanding network, which includes the traditional timber industry.

This is where the proverb "A trade is a gold mine." literally hits the nail on the head. This is because crafts are increasingly sought after, and traditional professions like carpentry are both future-proof and fashionable. Whether you are a job starter, an assistant or an experienced specialist, whether you are in a medium-sized craft company, a specialized industrial firm or a master carpenter with their own workshop — the industry and wood sector currently offer a a variety of highly attractive job opportunities.

We will assist you in soon being a part of this bustling industry.

Do you enjoy providing individualized customer advice, implementing your own designs, and expressing your creativity to the fullest? Or do you have skilled hands, technical know-how, and take pride in your work? Do you appreciate quality craftsmanship and enjoy working with ultra-modern, partially computer-controlled machines?

We are confident that we have the right job for you at an attractive company nearby. Contact us right away and let us begin the search for your new job!

It is especially important to us that you feel at ease at your new job. Therefore, from the very outset, we dedicate ample time to understand your desires, qualifications, and requirements. This way, we can ensure that your new job perfectly aligns with all of your needs. You can leverage our comprehensive insight into the industry and our extensive network of contacts. For many years, our network has encompassed renowned companies from the surrounding region, encompassing both medium-sized craft and industrial firms, as well as multinational globally operating corporations.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of your chance for a genuine career opportunity now. We are here to assist you and support you at every step of the way!

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