What are the benefits of working for Goodworx as a labour lease employee?

  • With just a single job application, you have a chance to get to know a wide range of renowned companies, thanks to our support. You have the opportunity of landing jobs that are oftentimes not advertised on the companies' career pages.
  • Your expectations for the job or the new employer are not met? Are you struggling to find your footing or feel left to fend for yourself? That can happen from time to time and is more common than one might assume.
    But are you risking your newly obtained job? No, not with Goodworx. We value being able to speak openly with our employees and retaining a deep relationship of trust. We face issues head-on and are always prepared to support you on-premise as well. Conversely, there is always the possibility of changing companies. Your indefinite employment contract remains unaffected by this.
  • A reliable and secure employer with comprehensive social security, timely salary payments, supra-tariff benefits, vacation pay and Christmas bonus. Continued pay during vacations and illness periods is, of course, a given.
  • Through our collective bargaining agreement, you have additional security and clear agreements on surcharges, any overtime work, and above all, regulated working hours.
  • Industry surcharges and wage increases in fixed intervals from day 1 onwards.
  • Dedicated contact person